Make Time for Your Mammogram

Cancer is a word. So is defiant. We offer mammograms at three locations and up to 40 appointments per day with short wait times—and you do not need a doctor to write a prescription or imaging order to get a screening. A mammogram can often find breast changes even before you feel a lump or have symptoms, so regular screenings are critical in detecting breast cancer at the earliest stage.  

Mammograms Matter! Your Next Steps:

  • If you’re due for your annual mammogram, schedule it today.
  • If you’ve never had a mammogram and you’re over the age of 40, make your appointment.

Breast cancer stages

Your Breast Health and Technology

Breast Center patient April Durnil shares how easy it is to get your mammogram. Then, Brian Juell, MD, FACS, and radiologist George Krakora, MD, explain the different technologies that help find cancer at the earliest possible stage, improving overall outcomes.

Breast Cancer Screening