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Learn to Work with Diverse Patient Populations

Renown Health's Float Pool Residency Program concentrates on integrating newly graduated nurses into the float pool in a collaborative, supportive and safe way. Nurses are trained for multiple inpatient units by providing education and competency to work successfully with various patient populations.

This 18-month program orients, trains and utilizes new grad nurses within medical/surgical, progressive care and maternal child modules.

Program Details:

  • 0-4 months: Medical/Surgical - fundamental nursing skills.
  • 4-7 months: Medical/Surgical rotation - task management, skills building and time management.
  • 7-10 months: Integration of floating within medical/surgical module to all units.
  • 10-13 months: Progressive Care - autonomous patient care management, demonstrates safe and critical thinking by appalling evidence-based practice and interventions.
  • >1 year: Float independently to medical/ surgical and progressive care. Explore specialty areas such as maternal child

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