Patient being examined during a remote telehealth visit


Heart Care, Close to Home

Telecardiology is an alternative to an in-person visit with a heart specialist. It connects you to a Renown cardiologist by using a secure, video-enabled device. It can be used for consultations, examinations and follow-up appointments.

Patients are seen from their local rural community clinic, close to work, home and family, minimizing the cost and time of long-distance travel for heart care. 

Your Telecardiology Visit

Before Your Visit

You may need to have a heart test or blood draw prior to your visit. In most cases, you can have the test done locally and our heart doctor will have the results when they meet with you via telecardiology. If this is your first visit, your doctor will determine if you need any tests.


During Your Visit

After check-in, a medical assistant will check your vital signs in a telecardiology room. Videoconferencing equipment will then connect you to a medical assistant to review your health information. Your cardiologist will talk with you remotely. When it is time for a physical examination, the medical assistant in the room with you will follow the doctor's instructions, facilitating the examination. A digital stethoscope will be used so the doctor can hear your heart and lung sounds.


After Your Visit

Your heart doctor will talk then review their findings and you will be able to ask questions.