Completing your E-Lessons

Before your start date, how to access your OLA instructions:

You will receive an email titled “Renown Health Pre-Employment Lessons” from the Employee Experience Specialist. This email will include:
  • Your employee ID. Every employee is assigned an employee ID unique to them and is used for identification purposes and logging in to our systems.
  • Instructions and Login information for the Online Learning Academy (OLA) where you can complete your pre-employment training and virtual orientation.
    • Complete all pre-employment assignments prior to your start date.
    • There are 13 assignments as part of your pre-employment lessons.
    • You will notice lessons due within 30 days of your start date. These are our routine regulatory/compliance lessons that are specific to your job.  Work with your leader to work these into your schedule accordingly.

How to complete your E-Lessons (OLA)

  • Online Learning Academy (OLA) Instructions (pdf)
    • Instructions for how to access and complete any required online training assigned to you.
    • Your temporary password to log into the OLA is hello (all lowercase)
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Remote Workers

If you will be working remotely, watch the following two videos to gain insight into remote work at Renown.