Renown Health makes a genuine difference in the health and well-being of the people and communities we serve.

Do you have friends or family who would be a great fit at Renown and whose personal mission aligns with Renown’s? We are always looking to add top talent to our team of gifted and compassionate employees and value our employee referrals.


Email or Online

Please feel free to share our contact information, and our job openings at



Refer your friends and family to positions at Renown via SMS! Simply text “Refer” to 775-312-5730 to start the referral process through Olivia, Renown’s AI HR Assistant.


How It Works

  • Start the referral process through Olivia, Renown’s AI HR Assistant at or on Inside Renown.
  • For your first referral, Olivia will collect your first name and last name. On future referrals, that won’t be necessary.
  • Olivia will then get your referral’s name and phone number.
  • Next, Olivia will ask you if you would like to do a Specific Referral or General Referral. A Specific Referral will allow you to search for a position to refer them to. A General Referral will allow your referral to search for any position they want.
  • Finally, Olivia will reach out to your referral via SMS within a minute. She will then screen them and schedule them for an interview if they qualify!