The charge tables below provides basic information about the cost of the medical services Renown Health hospitals provide.

Per the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Hospital Price Transparency Final Rule established that each hospital location operating under a single hospital license (or approval) that has a different set of standard charges than the other location(s) operating under the same hospital license (or approval) must separately make public the standard charges applicable to that location. Hospitals are not required to post separate files for each clinic operating under a consolidated state hospital license, if the file includes charges for all items and services offered at the single campus location (84 FR 65564). The below listed charge tables represent items and services (including but not limited to) applicable at the following entities:

TIN 88-0213754: Renown Regional Medical Center:
  • Renown Children’s Hospital
  • Renown Institute for Cancer
  • Renown Institute for Heart and Vascular Health
  • Renown Institute for Neurosciences
  • Renown Institute for Orthopedics
  • Renown Institute for Robotic Surgery
TIN 46-0517825: Renown South Meadows Medical Center:
  • Renown Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Renown Health Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Institute for Digestive and Liver Care

Renown Regional Medical Center Charge Table
Renown South Meadows Medical Center Charge Table
Renown Rehabilitation Hospital Charge Table