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Enhanced Medicare Benefits


Enjoy Enhanced Medicare Benefits!

Renown Health is participating in a new Medicare program where Medicare beneficiaries who see Renown Health providers may be eligible for Enhanced Medicare Benefits.

Signing up for this program is easy – and it does not affect your existing Medicare benefits in any way!

Simply click the link below, select your current Renown Health primary care provider, complete the form and click “Submit Form”.

Once signed up, you will have access to enhanced at-home medical services, priority admittance to skilled nursing facilities, and potential cost-sharing assistance for chronic care management.

It only takes a minute to complete the form.  You will want to know the name of your main Renown Health primary care provider and have your red, white, and blue Medicare card handy.

Sign Up for Renown’s Enhanced Medicare Benefit Program Here

Note: Participation in this program is voluntary.  If you choose to sign up, your benefits will NOT change, and you can visit any doctor, other health care professional, or hospital.