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FAX Number: 775-982-5104

3-D mammography at Greenberg Breast Health Center at Renown – 2nd St. provides images which allow doctors to see more abnormalities in the breast and therefore them spot more cancers and avoid false positives especially in women with dense breast tissue. The digital images can also be lightened, darkened and enlarged in real-time, giving doctors a better look at suspicious areas.  

A whole breast ultrasound uses sound waves to detect cancerous tumors in the breast without any radiation – just like pregnant women get to check up on their baby. The exam only takes about 20 minutes.  

We recommend a whole breast ultrasound for patients whose mammograms have shown that they have dense breast tissue. If your mammogram shows you have dense breasts (less fatty, more connective tissue) you may want to consider a whole breast ultrasound in addition to your mammogram. Check with your insurance company to find out if whole breast ultrasounds are covered.  

Note: This location is operated by Renown Regional Medical Center.  

Key Services

  • 3D mammography
  • Automated whole breast ultrasound
  • Bone density scanning (DEXA)